Quotable quotes from a few of our clients

"You are the Kilt making Goddess of North America!"
Perry, Piper, Ohio

"I sell only the best, you are my kilt maker."
Wes, Pipe Major and Shop Owner, Ontario
"Gail you can use me as a reference anytime!"
Tony, Oregon

"I had been looking for this tartan for months. Thank you for finding it and having the kilts out so quickly. The Kilts are exquisite. They fit perfect. The guys couldn't be happier."
Linda, US Navy ("The guys are in the heavy games.")

"I commend you on your work, beautiful, just beautiful. My family is indebted to you for more than just money, you gave my heritage back to me. That's something that I'II never be able to repay."
Scott, Groom, Washington State

"The kilt fit beautifully and the customer was very happy, which makes me very happy as well."
Ed, Shop Owner, Maryland

"The kilt fits perfectly and your workmanship is impressive."
Marc, Piper, Ontario

"They say you don't often get what you pay for...we feel we got far replica watches more. How can you make a living at these prices?"
David, Pipe Major, Texas
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