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Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Chronograph Watch

I think that the perlage polish applied base dial will be a stunning design element on this new fake watch from Linde Werdelin. With a release date of around May 2011, the new SpidoSpeed is the next iteration of the SpidoLite fake watch concept, and the brand's first chronograph model. The relatively svelte case needed to be increased by 3mm in height to incorporate the mechanical chronograph movement. I actually like that ?as the design of the case can accommodate a chunky look quite well. The fake watch is now 44mm wide by 15mm tall.

The SpidoSpeed is in steel, not titanium. Will there be future models in titanium? Probably. What you see here is only the first "Series A?model of the watch. There will be 100 pieces of this version, and after that Linde Werdelin likely has a few tricks up their sleeve for other versions. You can see the complex make up of the case, and the nearly integrated chronograph pushers. Prone to now using interesting movements, inside the SpidoSpeed is a Concepto caliber 2251 ?a movement I have never heard about. I suspect it is a maybe a base ETA or Frederic Piguet that has been decorated or redone by Concepto. Linde Werdelin does use their own rotor, which is quite neat looking with a web patter and done in black.

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The steel case is done in what Linde Werdelin calls "steel microbille?That is fancy talk for it having a sand or bead-blasted case finish. There needs to be some serious naming standards in the fake watch industry applied to keep us from being permanently confused.

Linde Werdelin got the dial done right. It looks very nice, is legible, and has that skeletonized feel they were going for. See the little "R?in the chronograph hours subdial? That stands for the Reef or the Rock (the brands computerized sensor instrument). It is placed at about 4.5 hours, which is how long they take to charge. I am liking this fake watch a long and really look forward to spending some quality time with it. Just me, the SpidoSpeed, a little psychotropic drug action, and I am off to pretend I am in one of their comic books.

I will get some hands-on action of the SpidoSpeed Chronograph in March. Until then, if you like it, you can start saving up. Retail price for the limited edition of 100 pieces fake watch will be 11,760 euros.

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