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Linde Werdelin SpidoSpeed Titanium

In 2015, Linde Werdelin is renewing its focus on materials and design. The SpidoSpeed, an iconic Linde Werdelin design, has been revisited and updated in Titanium Grade 5, which produces an overall very different aesthetic. The SpidoSpeed Titanium retains its racing car inspiration, but is a very clear evolution over the first-generation SpidoSpeed while sharing the very same Linde Werdelin DNA.

The SpidoSpeed Titanium is not a departure from the earliest SpidoSpeed, but a clear evolution nonetheless. Its monochromatic palette is carefully considered and consistent with the updated digital instruments the Rock and the Reef, both available in LW blue and natural anodised aluminium.

Indeed, that monochrome colour combination is also reminiscent of the SpidoSpeed Steel, the earliest in the series, prompting Morten Linde, one of two co-founders, to remark, "While we will continue to evolve and be innovative, in my universe Linde Werdelin will always have a fake watch like this ?it truly captures the spirit of the brand.?/p>

Titanium Grade 5 is an alloy that can pose substantial difficulties. Fine margins are all that stand between disaster and a beautifully-polished Linde Werdelin Spido case with its subtle satin sheen and matte microbillé finishing. Under only a slight amount of too much pressure during the polishing process, the edges of the Titanium Grade 5 case will become too rounded, compromising the aesthetic appeal, but at its most extreme the case will turn orange in colour. That is why only craftsmen with seven years of experience can approach the finishing department, and why the process is undertaken in a secluded part of the atelier.

Linde Werdelin is synonymous with skeletonisation, and that is visible here too. The case, the dial and even the LW06 movement have all been skeletonised, creating a holistic and consistent experience when viewing the SpidoSpeed Titanium from all angles.

Incredible attention is paid to the fine details. Three registers adorn the dial ?constant seconds at 9 o'clock, and the two chronograph dials at 3 o'clock (30-minutes register) and 6 o'clock (12-hour register) ?but it is on the 6 o'clock dial that a small red "R?can be observed. The R is understated, but for the adventure-seeking owner it represents a very significant function: it indicates when the Rock has been fully charged and is ready to go again.

The SpidoSpeed Titanium retails for CHF 18,000 / EUR 18,400 / GBP 13,600.

Discover more on the Linde Werdelin website.

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